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April 24th, 2017

shadow of hyrule
Shadow of Hyrule — I adopted the fanlisting for Impa of The Legend of Zelda series from the awesome Megan! I'm so sorry it took me as long of a time as it did. Thank you so much for allowing me to take care of it and for being so patient!!! ;___;

The layout was rather challenging for me as I'm just awful at figuring out how to use transparent .pngs sometimes, haha. I've also been suffering from a layout block and just... IRL responsibilities in general over the past few months which is why it has been rather quiet around here. I'm afraid I didn't even do anything for the network's first anniversary?!

Ideally, I would like to get up new layouts for 815 (even though I'm not playing any online TCGs at the moment!) and Sugar and Spice, and also continue progress on Cradle and Rupture. In any case, I hope I can get back to working on my sites and stuff soon!

March 3rd, 2017 easy breezy — The domain and many of its sites had some of their coding/CSS updated! I've also temporarily taken down the projects page for a small revamp.

Easy Breezy —The site won Amassment's Shrine Spotlight for February 2017! It was certainly a surprise on my part, but it motivates me now more than ever to complete the shrine and do Makoto justice. Thank you!

February 14th, 2017

unsung — The network and fanlisting pages have been reorganized with some projects shifting around. That isn't to say I've given up on them exactly, but my approach towards certain subjects have changed and shifted over the last few months, prompting me to rethink them a bit!

Unsung — The fanlisting for Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age: Inquisition is now open! I've waited far too long for this wonderful man to get a fanlisting, so... I've decided to open it myself. To be honest, the layout is awful, so hopefully I'll replace it with something better or will find a way to tweak it to my liking. I wanted to get it up as soon as possible, however, so that I can be free to work on other projects I have in mind without worrying about an impending deadline.

February 2nd, 2017

Reprise — A few weeks back, I was approved for the "Yuri On ICE" fanlisting by I also applied at, but approval is still pending. In any case, I struggled with the layout a lot, and while I'm still not completely satisfied with it, it should do for now! I'll be tweaking the layout here and there when necessary. Also, it's unfortunately not compatible for mobile devices at the moment.

Regardless, everything should be working! I have other pages written up that I have no idea how to format at the moment, so they will be coming at a later date, haha.

I'll also be rearranging some sites and projects on the network in the near future. As always, any changes will be logged here!

December 26th, 2016

illuminate grim fire in his eyes new wind messy, contradictory and true easy breezy run
Fire in his eyes, Grim, Illuminate, Run, Run to the world — All of these fanlistings received new shiny codes courtesy of Shinju!

Messy, contradictory and true — The emotions fanlisting also received new codes alongside a brand new layout. Thank you so much, Shinju! YOUR GIFTS ARE INCREDIBLE, AAAAAAAAHHHHH. Thank you again for being such an awesome Secret Santa. ( /)/////( ), Easy Breezy — New buttons courtesy of Masao, Santa's coolest elf. <3 Thank you so much for the gifts and for running such a fun event!

December 18th, 2016

and they shall fall cradle and rupture
And they shall fall — The site won Amassment's Shrine Spotlight for November 2016! I'll put up the lovely award soon.

Cradle and Rupture — I finally, FINALLY finished my fanmix for Naoto. See me bare my teeth for you can be listened to here while information and notes can be found here.

November 7th, 2016

easy breezy and they shall fall
A new essay has been added to Easy Breezy! Fear vs. Timidity compares and contrasts the difference in Makoto's behavior when he is fearful versus when he is merely being a... well, scaredy-cat, haha. The essay was originally meant to be a part of "Fear" but, due to the page's length, I decided to make it its own section.

In addition, the site has a new affiliate: Aqua Gate, the fanlisting for Matsuoka Rin!

The site along with And they shall fall have also been updated with new scripts. Both galleries now run on fancyBox and the hover effects have been changed as well.

November 5th, 2016

The fireflies fanlisting has received two new affiliates: Flutter, the fanlisting for butterflies, and Elegance, the fanlisting for dragonflies!

November 2nd, 2016

illuminate cradle and rupture
The fireflies fanlisting was updated with two new sections. Some cheesy rambling about why I love fireflies so much (seriously, guys—it's long) and a brief blurb about the name of the site.

I was going to add some basic information about fireflies, but decided to forgo that and, instead, linked to a very extensive resource site focused entirely on these lovely insects. In the end, I really created the fanlisting for personal reasons and sentiments and... I'm also not a qualified expert on them, haha.

Cradle and Rupture received a ton of new updates! I started to revamp the shrine for an event at Amassment. It's still incomplete, but it's okay. Because Naoto is a major character in the series, there's a lot of information I need to cover, so I'm just going to take this one step—or page!—at a time!

For now, here's a list of everything new that has been added:

General: new layout, new site name
Information: Introduction, World / Amnesia (rewrite), Appearance (rewrite), Black Mind (new), Name (rewrite), OVA (rewrite), Scar (rewrite) & Masterlist (revision) / Badou Nails (rewrite)
Media: Manga (remade) / Screencaps (new)
Website: About (rewrite), new buttons, updated links list

I hope you enjoy all the new changes! Many of the links within the information pages lead to placeholder pages, but hopefully that won't detract from the reading experience too much. I'll be updating the log periodically as new pages come out.

October 31st, 2016

illuminate blood begets blood
A couple of days ago, I was approved for the fireflies fanlisting by Because I don't normally grapple with non-anime/manga/game sort of sites, this layout was a struggle for me to come up with. But Illuminate is now open for new members to join—just in time for Halloween!

I've also decided to close the fanlisting for Macbeth. I'd only like to keep the fanlistings that are either very important to me, have a decent amount of members listed or are ones that I intend to expand in to shrines/small information hubs in the future. Don't be mistaken, though: it still remains as my favorite out of Shakespeare's plays!