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May 22nd, 2024

all or nothing foreordained dawn legacies polaris a thousand years of dreams daybreak are we really alive? bitter but sweet cradle and rupture and they shall fall run illuminate reprise unsung shadow of hyrule glass heart even death has a heart tcg logs messy, contradictory and true worm king's lullaby dear happiness easy breezy bloom
There was a server update recently that enabled Imunify360, so I had to update a number of files across all of my sites to ensure that nothing would be mistakenly identified as malicious. (Many thanks to Yuuka for passing me the fix!)

While the Aventurine fanlisting was the only site in particular that was experiencing issues, I went ahead and updated all of my sites—just in case!

April 9th, 2024

all or nothing foreordained polaris a thousand years of dreams
It's been a moment, hasn't it? A part of me was pleased that I always managed to make at least one update of some sort per year, no matter how small. Sadly, that didn't happen last year due to some life changes, but! I've picked up a few new coding skills over the time I've been gone, and while I can still definitely improve a lot, I'm happy I can start applying them to my personal projects, bit by bit.

In fact, the two new sites are the first ones I managed to code using SCSS! I even made one of them compatible with different screen sizes. Again, not the most perfect attempt, but the process was definitely an interesting one, and I learned a lot. Many thanks to dearest Yuuka, who helped me set up gulp long ago and taught me so many neat tricks over the last two-ish years! (Also, does anyone else find that when they create layouts at roughly the same time, they share similar color palettes? That's definitely what happened here, aha...)

I also—finally—learned how to properly use the shape-outside property, which really makes me want to re-code some of my sites that could really use it! But it's quite daunting to sift through all that old code, so I'm setting that aside for now, haha.

All or Nothing — I opened the fanlisting for Aventurine from Honkai: Star Rail a few days ago, but refrained from logging it here so I could group it together with the other updates. I couldn't resist applying after finishing up the recent Version 2.1 main story quest! I do have a bit to say about Aventurine, so perhaps I'll expand this site some more in the future.

Polaris — I finally added some basic information on Kaeya to the site. After finishing up Aventurine's fanlisting, I felt bad that I neglected that section of the site for so long. Regardless, it's up now!

Foreordained — The fanlisting for X (X/1999) is now open! This was a huge wishlist of mine, and it finally got me off my turtle butt to make something for the series on my domain somewhere. To be honest, I'm not fully satisfied with the layout, so there might be some tweaks here and there. But I think there's always going to be a part of me that wonders if I'm even capable of doing X justice. In any case, now that I have an idea of how the content is structured, it will hopefully make the next attempt go a lot more smoothly! — I added Panacea as an affiliate! I also cleaned up the links list, and sadly had to remove a lot of domains. I tried my best to track down people's new domains (if they moved), but if I missed you, feel free to let me know!

I also reorganized my sites a bit and added A Thousand Years of Dreams to my list of shrines. Like I mentioned in my lil blurb, that I think bears repeating here as well: As I grow to have less time to dedicate myself to writing text walls for a subject, I've found that my idea of what a shrine is has also shifted.

I used to think my shrine category—speaking only for my sites in particular, I don't apply these standards anywhere else—was reserved for sites that had pages and pages full of content. When I looked through old site plans of mine, I saw page topics listed that I wasn't even that interested in writing about. However, I felt I had to include them because the site wouldn't feel complete to me otherwise.

Nowadays, I'm a bit less concerned about all that. So long as I put in the effort and heart, I don't mind listing a project in the shrine category. It just bears a different name—"pocket love letter," as that's what it is to me. I may move another site of mine into the shrine category for these very reasons—we'll see!

Finally, I fixed a small bug I noticed in the fanlistings section of my domain. I had no idea the center alignment was wonky until I added more sites there, haha. But it's fixed now!