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July 3rd, 2021

legacies polaris
I've opened two new fanlistings in the past few months! Because I'm not happy with the content or layouts, however, I hesitated to plug them anywhere. Hopefully I'll have the time to fix them up soon!

Polaris — The fanlisting for Kaeya Alberich of Genshin Impact is open! I still have a lot of content to add, such as basic information about the character and website, but the fanlisting-related links are all working.

LegaciesBlack Sails was a huge wishlist of mine, and I'm delighted to have it now in my care. Over the years, I've considered making shrines to one or two characters of the series, but, after rewatching it so many times, I'm considering just making a general essay hub of sorts instead. I have a layout and format in mind, but all of it will take some time... Not to mention I still have to write up all the content, haha.

The fanlisting portion is up, however, though the layout is tentative. I have a better design in mind, but, again, it'll take me some time to make and implement!

I'm quite happy with my small collection of fanlistings, so I probably won't be applying for anything new in the near future! Instead, I'll be putting my energy into improving the sites that have already been built.