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June 14th, 2020

a thousand years of dreams daybreak
It's currently 4 in the morning as I'm writing this, but I wanted to at least put this placeholder here for now, lest I forget once I fall asleep!

A Thousand Years of Dreams — The fanlisting for Lost Odyssey is now open! It's the newest addition to the family, which prompted me to finally dust off this humble update log. This was an absolute monstrosity of a layout that is the product of 5-6 days of straight coding/Photoshop shenanigans, and I never want to touch it again. Well, I still need to make some tweaks and double-check things, so I will have to eventually. BUT FOR NOW, I'M GOING TO BED.

Daybreak — I was approved for the Legolas fanlisting back last November, and... hastily put it all together a month after—the very day it was due. (I KNOW.) The layout is still temporary. I hope to get something more elaborate up, as I'd like to turn this into a shrine one day!

I've been feeling a bit inspired lately, so I'm hoping I can channel this energy into making a much needed new layout for Dorian. ; A;