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April 14th, 2021 reprise and they shall fall a thousand years of dreams
And they shall fall, A Thousand Years of Dreams, Reprise — All of the audio media on these sites are functioning again! I've replaced the old Flash-reliant player with one that runs on Javascript, courtesy of the script created by Ali Klein.

Aside from all that, I have one fanlisting in the works and another that I applied for recently! I'm also hoping to revamp And they shall fall with a new layout, hence why the styling on the audio player is a bit... rough to say the least, haha.

January 29th, 2021

a thousand years of dreams and they shall fall reprise
As many of you already know, support for Adoble Flash Player was terminated at the end of 2020. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to find an alternative at the moment. Nevertheless, I wanted to leave a note here and on the affected sites so that visitors are aware of the issue, and know I have it in mind as well.

Sites impacted:

All of the affected content are music media. I've already provided links to YouTube videos and playlists beforehand (in the instance that the players weren't working), so I'm allowing myself that small comfort at the moment. However, I'll try to revamp everything as soon as I'm able to. Thanks for your patience!

November 11th, 2019

bitter but sweet cradle and rupture and they shall fall run illuminate reprise unsung shadow of hyrule glass heart cast away even death has a heart messy, contradictory and true worm king's lullaby dear happiness easy breezy bloom are we really alive? — I've updated the way members are displayed for a majority all of my fanlistings. It was something I've been meaning to do for a while. Many of the fanlistings I maintain only have a few fans, so I thought it'd be simpler to have all of the fans displayed at once instead of having a sort option.

For those with a substantial number of fans, I'm still tinkering around with some different ideas! Fanlistings that have multiple fields (ie. The Book Thief) are still being fiddled around with in the background as well. Aside from display changes, I'm also considering using Enthusiast to maintain any fanlisting affiliates instead of manually adding them myself.

All of this is done in preparation for a new upcoming fanlisting! The sooner I clean up some structures and codes, the easier it will be for me to attain some uniformity, especially when it comes to sites that need new layouts and CSS cleanups.

December 18th, 2016

and they shall fall cradle and rupture
And they shall fall — The site won Amassment's Shrine Spotlight for November 2016! I'll put up the lovely award soon.

Cradle and Rupture — I finally, FINALLY finished my fanmix for Naoto. See me bare my teeth for you can be listened to here while information and notes can be found here.

November 7th, 2016

easy breezy and they shall fall
A new essay has been added to Easy Breezy! Fear vs. Timidity compares and contrasts the difference in Makoto's behavior when he is fearful versus when he is merely being a... well, scaredy-cat, haha. The essay was originally meant to be a part of "Fear" but, due to the page's length, I decided to make it its own section.

In addition, the site has a new affiliate: Aqua Gate, the fanlisting for Matsuoka Rin!

The site along with And they shall fall have also been updated with new scripts. Both galleries now run on fancyBox and the hover effects have been changed as well.

October 28th, 2016

easy breezy and they shall fall
Today I was approved to run the fanlisting for Tachibana Makoto! Easy Breezy has been updated with a new fanlisting section; more fanlisting codes should be up shortly, but for now there's a decent selection available. In addition, I also made some new link back buttons.

Likewise, I also made new link back buttons for And they shall fall!

July 1st, 2016

even death has a heart and they shall fall cradle and rupture golden
Excalibur, the fanlisting for Fuyumine Naoto, Even death has a heart, the fanlisting for The Book Thief, and And they shall fall, the fanlisting for Shadow of the Colossus, now have shiny new codes! There are also some new ones to choose from; The Book Thief in particular now has buttons displaying images from the movie.

Excalibur and Even death has a heart are among my oldest fanlistings, so it was an update that was sorely needed, heh. I've removed a great deal of the older codes. I'm debating whether or not to make them available still, but it most likely won't happen. Enjoy!

In addition, Golden, the fanlisting for Wong Kar-Wai is open and ready to join! I opened it about a week ago, but haven't plugged it anywhere until now. At the moment, I probably won't link it on the domain as I'm still not fully satisfied with the layout. The current header is temporary; I'm still working on the final product(s)!

April 15th, 2016 messy, contradictory and true sugar and spice even death has a heart new wind cast away fire in his eyes run and they shall fall cradle and rupture blood begets blood troublemaker bitter but sweet are we really alive?
Unfortunately, I just happened across the situation and so I have no clue as to how long this problem has persisted. Basically, Photobucket made it so that when you save the image from the direct-link URL they provide, the file is somewhat corrupted and you can't open it in various tools. You may be able to still upload it, but I haven't got the faintest idea as I didn't test it.

In any case, I've edited the codes to prevent the problem from arising. Gradually, I plan to move the codes onto the server instead. This is not a priority for most of my fanlistings as the codes they have are quite old and need replacing anyway. So far, the only fanlisting that has accomplished this is the one for Kokoro Kikai.

April 13th, 2016 and they shall fall
I redesigned the contact page; after a while, I kind of grew to dislike the last layout. I cycled through dozens of images, trying to figure out what I wanted, but I ended up using the same image I used for the previous design, haha.

In addition, a new guestbook will be found there in the future. I've already coded it and everything, but I've decided to withhold its release for now, heh. I don't know how much activity the it will see, but the guestbook makes the contact page feel more wholesome in general.

And they shall fall — I'm in the process of adding new images to the layout to flesh it out more and fill in some of the empty gaps. Over the last few days, I also had the game's soundtrack on loop, and added two new songs to the media section: "Prohibited Art" and "The Opened Way ~Battle with the Colossus~." I can't believe I forgot about them and didn't add them the first time around. I love both of them a ton! I've decided to remove "Prologue (To the Ancient Land)" for now, but it might rotate back in the future! Check out the new changes here.

April 8th, 2016 run and they shall fall
As you can see, I've opened up a new update log for the domain! The first layout features Nakamura Yusuke artwork because I'm a creature of habit. From now on, updates pertaining to all my sites will be posted here. I've deleted the old files and updated the links for all my sites.

In addition, I also deactivated the temporary Twitter account I had for the domain, back when I was unsure of how I wanted to set up my updates. I may bring it back in the future as a kind of supplement to this site. To be honest, though, I don't tweet too much and maintaining more than one Twitter account is a bit of a hassle for me, haha. Sorry for the inconvenience! Of course, you can still hit me up on Twitter if you'd like by messaging me on my personal: @phonyu.

And they shall fall — I added new link buttons for those who might be interested in linking back to the content portion of the website. You can find them here. I'm not completely satisfied with them, though, so expect some changes or some new ones in the future!

Run — Just noticed an error for the fanlisting; it seems that the reset password page was missing. I've restored it, and everything should be working now. Check it out here.