The birds were flown
And the rest is rust and stardust

Hail, wanderer! You've drifted to, also affectionately known as the Rust and Stardust Network. This is a personal collection of sites belonging to me, Andrea. Sometimes I have a lot to say or a lot of love to express, and the projects below serve as repositories for all of that nonsense tl;dr to go. They're all in different stages of completion, and none of them can really be called finished, but shhh. Slowly but surely, right?

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the domain or my sites, feel free to contact me or leave a note in my guestbook.

Currently, you are viewing version 02 of the domain, see morning come. This is an old layout that I wanted to keep available for the time being for sentimental purposes; you can read more about it here! Browse and navigate the domain using the links above. If you'd like to peruse my different sites directly, use the links at the bottom. To return to the index, click on "return" or on "" in the header.
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