Am I really alive?
You're more alive than I am.

This is Are we really alive?, a fanlisting for Kokoro Kikai (ココロ機械, Parts of a Heart), a two-shot manga by Yumeka Sumomo. Brief yet moving, it tells the story of Shinobu and Nishino, two high school students who are both dissatisfied with their mundane lives. Seeing the loneliness they feel mirrored in the other, they grow to find solace in each other. This fanlisting is listed at Anime Fanlistings under the category Series.
6 (+0) fans     07th February 2024
There are times when I look at my own websites and realize just how different the internet landscape is today compared to a decade ago. How much things have changed—how much I, myself, have changed.

As I went about finally giving this fanlisting a much-needed overhaul, I revisited what it is about Kokoro Kikai that I love so dearly. In my initial blurb that I wrote over ten years ago, I talked about how much I loved the art, the story, the characters. All of that is still true, yes. The art is gorgeous and full of depth; the story is beautiful and succinct. I even mentioned briefly how I watched Angels in America first before stumbling across this two-shot! Ah, I really had no filter back then. Although I think it was rather silly of me to write in retrospect, today, I'm grateful that I mentioned it. Rereading what I wrote took me back to those teenage years, when I first discovered web design and fanlistings.

Fanlistings aren't as popular as they used to be, and so I began to wonder why I was putting so much effort into maintaining the ones I have—this one included. Wouldn't it be better to say a fond farewell to that chapter of my web design experience and focus on fansites instead? Maybe. However, I discovered Kokoro Kikai and Yumeka Sumomo's works through fanlistings—all by Europa. When she closed the old fanlisting for Kokoro Kikai, I picked it up immediately because I loved it so much. In the end, I suppose that's what keeps this little site chugging along: my love for the series, that fond memory of mine, and the small possibility that someone may stumble across this place... and find something new to fall for.

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