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A Cryo Vision wielder with a mysterious past, Kaeya is one of the Traveler's companions, always willing to lend his aid or his sword in their journey. He is a freely obtainable character in the very beginning of the game after the player has completed the Archon Quest Crash Course.

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Please be aware that there are unmarked spoilers about—especially if you haven't unlocked the entirety of Kaeya's personal story or all of his voice-over dialogue.

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Kaeya Alberich

Charming, charismatic, and witty, Kaeya is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius. Despite his mysterious nature and shrouded past, he is highly regarded by the citizens of Mondstadt—and is popular even among the elderly!

Although he may seem overly relaxed in the most dangerous situations, in truth, he takes his task of keeping Mondstadt safe quite seriously. Underneath his friendly nature is someone who's not afraid to get his hands a little dirty to get the job done. Trickery and lies are familiar weapons in his arsenal, and he has no qualms using them every now and then to accomplish his goals.

Kaeya is close with Diluc Ragnvindr, as the two grew up together. When Diluc's father, Crepus, succumbs to the power of a Delusion, Diluc is forced to kill him. Afterwards, Kaeya decides to reveal to Diluc his true origin: He is an agent of the ancient land of Khaenri'ah, who was abandoned by his father in Mondstadt to aid Khaenri'ah one day.

This lifelong lie of Kaeya's created a rift between the two for a time, with Diluc leaving Mondstadt for three years. During those years, however, the two exchanged letters, and, nowadays, while they may bicker, it's clear they care for and look out for one another.


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