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... As quoted from The Fanlistings. This particular fanlisting is dedicated to uniting fans of fireflies.

To learn more about these stunning insects, ongoing conservation efforts and tips to protect them, please visit Firefly.org for all of your needs! This article has some quick cool facts as well.

Growing up, many of my closest friends ended up moving away at one point or another. Whenever it happened, I remember we would arrange a day all to ourselves—one last time to hang out and relax before they went away. Due to convenience, a lot of my friends moved away during the summertime, and so our partings always seemed to be punctuated with the presence of fireflies, the multitude of them winking in the growing darkness as our last day together came to a close.

Years later, in middle school during winter, I would be the one to move away. And unlike my old home in the United States, my new one in China didn't really have many fireflies. I would recall that fact whenever I visited America in the summer. When it was time to leave and return to Shanghai, I would always catch a glimpse of these glimmering creatures on the way to the airport, and would be reminded of something else I'd miss when I was gone.

A great deal of time passed before I was able to embrace my life in Shanghai; as an adolescent, all I could feel was bitterness towards my parents and situation, feeling as though I were being stretched thin between two completely different worlds. Thus, at the time, my departures were always filled with a kind of loneliness and longing. When I remember them now, however, I also recognize how far I've come from my younger self.

Aside from that, I associate fireflies with summer nights. Anyone who knows me knows that summer is my absolute favorite out of all the seasons! It’s the time of year when I can fully relax and be free of all the burdens that work and school bring. Being as averse to cold weather as I am, the heat and humidity is only a plus for me.

As a perpetual night owl, I thrive during summer nights, becoming far more active and productive—now that I no longer have to worry about how cold I am! Furthermore, the atmosphere of summer nights is irreplaceable. There is a lovely beauty to it, with the musical chirping of bugs, the stars and the quiet—all to yourself.

On those nights, I think of the many impromptu adventures I’ve had with my friends and siblings in past summers. And then I think of how many more there will be in the future. Summer nights always seem to be full of possibilities. Of course, they wouldn't be complete with the soft glow of the fireflies. There is something so magical and enchanting about them, and I'm quite certain I will feel this way for the rest of my life.

As silly as this sounds, I created the layout with those feelings and sensations in mind. I wanted visitors to feel as if they were feeling humbled yet wondered all at once, engulfed in the brilliance of the unique light that only these small yet fantastical creatures can bring. Although I know the use of small fonts is generally a practice frowned upon nowadays, I do hope an exception can be made for this tiny site, heh.

Fireflies hold a great deal of nostalgia and memories for me, but they also inspire me and fill me with wonder. I love them a ton, and I'm so grateful to have a chance to take care of this fanlisting!