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July 6, 2023
Hello! I've been going through fanlistings and stumbled upon your Lost Odyssey page - I wanted to say that it truly is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking websites I have ever seen ♥

(Lost Odyssey is a wonderful and extremely underrated game that I wish more people would play. I eternally hope for a remake someday...)
Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot coming from a fellow fan of the game; I'm glad I could do it justice. ♡ And YES, I agree with all you said. I would absolutely love it if a Lost Odyssey remake came out, too. It fully deserves it! I would buy it instantly, including whatever system it was released on, haha. One day, surely! Andrea
July 6, 2023
Hi Andrea! Just stopping by to say hello and to compliment you on your AMAZING layout. Your aesthetic is honestly *chef's kiss*. Anyway, hope you're doing well! Sending you love, and miss you lots!
STEFI! ♡ Thank you so, so much for the sweet words! They mean a ton coming from you, as you and your sites have always been such a huge inspiration. Whenever I visit your domain (which is often because it's STUNNING!), it's always a joy to see any new creations or updates from you (asdklf;; ; TIFAAA!!! ♡♡♡), hehe. I hope you're doing well, too; sending you all the love!!! (๑˃͈꒵˂͈๑) ♡ Andrea
March 25, 2023
I came across your website through teacake.org, and I just couldn't stop by without saying your website layout is so stunning! I'm also a travelers notebook fan too! I simply love decorating the pages with vintage ephemera and watercolors, so your aesthetic sense really appeals to me.
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! Aaahhh, I'm SO delighted to meet another traveler's notebook fan and fellow journal enthusiast! (*´꒳`*)♡ I absolutely adore your site—all the pixel art, and the stationery pages especially. I love looking at other people's journal pages and techo kaigi lineup! Seeing another paper analogue fan out in the personal digital web space just fills my heart with warmth. Thank you for saying hello! ♡ Andrea
January 3, 2023
Hi Andrea! It's been a while since I dropped by and thought I'd say hi again. Wasn't expecting to be completely blown away by how beautiful Lost-Boy.ORG is!! The watercolors are completely my aesthetic and I am in love with your designs (as always). Hope you've been well; happy new year! <3
AINNA! Happy new year to you, too! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the sweet words as always. (๑˃͈꒵˂͈๑) I can't express to you how happy I was when I saw that you were reviving your domain (via minty.nu)!!! (And Yoongi? With his mint hair??? Is the most perf face for your domain, I adore it. ♡ It's one of my most fav pics of him, too, hehe.)

I love your designs and sites so much, I'm so glad that you're back and that I get to share this lil corner of the internet with you. ♡♡♡ Here's to more wonderful projects & creations in 2023!!!
Dan November 16, 2022
Your images are lovely but the contrast with the text makes it almost unreadable, especially the headers and nav.
Thanks for the feedback! It's something I've noticed, too, and would like to fix when I have the time to clean up the CSS on all of my sites. Andrea
March 9, 2022
There's a lot to be star-struck and yell about that has accumulated over the years, but today I am here to say, it is always such a joy to see a new entry in your update log, and I love how tidy and well-organized it is, and how entries in recent years have been longer (compared to what I suppose is the archive) – takes me back to the old internet days where webmasters were really chatty in their update entries... LONG LIVE WELL-MAINTAINED UPDATE LOGS!! And long live lost-boy.org along with all your wonderful creations hehe, smooch. I hope to return here many more times in the years to come.

PS: Pls do not wipe your guestbook.
May 13, 2021
AHHH, I told you that before, but I absolutely love your light graphic style and all the effort you put into your works! *stares respectfully*
Mal! ♡ I'm so sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for your warm words as always! I'm so happy to share this lil hobby with wonderful creatives like you. (´∀`)♡ Andrea
October 17, 2019
I am in love with all your sites. Eternally grateful for your awesome Makoto shrine, and your most recent (Kurama) stopped me in my tracks--what a breathtaking tribute befitting its subject. Thank you for being true to your pursuit of beauty and inspiring us all in the best possible way.

Thank you so much for the sweet comment, as well as for the kind words you've given me over the last few months or so! ; w; It means so much coming from someone who inspires me as well. Your works are so beautiful and unique, and, as always, I can't wait to see what new projects you come up with! <33333
February 21, 2017
I know I've vaguely expressed to you how much I adore your domain layout, but this is me formally saying I think it's absolutely wonderful.

I'm a huge fan of your muted colors (plus wood textures + grayscale is my fav♥♥♥) and your really delicate typography. Each section's header image is really pretty and everything blends really well together. Honestly all of your layouts are so creative and I love the details you put in. You really inspire me to work harder on mine.

I'm also really looking forward to your upcoming projects! And I hope some *cough* new ones get added. *hintdorianhint*
asldfad;; Thank you so much, Masao! Your words and support always mean so much to me, I JUST. I can never thank you enough for all the help and advice you give. You inspire me just as much to learn new tricks and try new things all the time, and I'm glad I got to know you better over the last few months or so! ; v; ♥♥♥

Y-Yes... that page... needs an update... I also hope to get to Dorian one day... as long as you... get... /your/ special project up, too. Ahem. *insert eyes emoji here*
July 13, 2016
I just want to say that I really love your current layout (7/2016). It looks gorgeous! ❤ I also love how you integrated it with your content, and your font choices as well!

Keep up the great work! :D
Thank you so much, Lysianthus! It means so much coming from you, since I adore your designs as well.

Also, thank you for helping me with the guestbook coding and everything! It wouldn't be here to sign if not for you, ehehehe. <3
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