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There's certainly a part of me that hesitated when I considered applying for Aventurine's fanlisting. Do I really need another fanlisting dedicated to a character who is also described as a "peacock"? Dare I expose myself for being partial to a certain character archetype? It turns out the answer to both those questions is "yes," and thus this tiny website was born. However, there's quite a bit I have to say about Aventurine, especially after the Version 2.1 main story quest, so perhaps I'll transform this site into a small shrine for him one day.

This layout was a bit of a challenge for two reasons: one, I hadn't touched Photoshop in a few years; and two, there wasn't much official artwork available for me to choose from—which is understandable for many of miHoYo's games, since they boast a huge cast of characters. I tried to fit in a variety of artwork across the site, including the Version 2.1 promotional banner, his official portrait artwork, his Light Cone art, and one of his lil chibi stickers (because they're too cute not to use ).

Since Aventurine plays a huge part in the latest main story quest, I wanted to avoid heavy spoilers (for this fanlisting's opening at least). However, I did want to slip in a small mention of that deep sea, which you may recognize if you've played through the entirety of Cat Among Pigeons.

This fanlisting is maintained using Enthusiast. It was approved by The Fanlistings on April 1, 2024 and was opened on April 3, 2024.


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