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I Lost Odyssey A Thousand Years of Dreams
pocket love letter & fanlisting sifting through fond memories, nostalgia
As I have less time to dedicate to writing text walls over a subject, I've found that my idea of what a shrine is has also shifted. In the past, I thought my shrines—just my own—had to be full of pages & analyses. Now, I believe that as long as I put a lot of heart into something, no matter how small, it still counts. Thus, here is my lil love letter to Lost Odyssey, 80% of it just pure reminiscing! Since June 2016.
S Shadow of the Colossus And they shall fall
general series shrine & fanlisting old game manuals, an ancient land
Although Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite games, this shrine was a bit of an accident! While redesigning the fanlisting, I decided to add some basic info as well... and it just kept growing from there. Despite the few additions that still need to be made, I'm quite happy with it overall. I'd been thinking of closing the fanlisting before then, but I'm glad now that I didn't! Since April 2011.
F Fuyumine Naoto Cradle & Rupture
in-depth shrine & fanlisting stray dog, found family, my og shrine bb!
My fierce warrior: elegant, deadly, and a sweetheart, too! Rereading Dogs is always a joy just to witness Naoto's growth, from learning how to be vulnerable around others to ultimately forging her own path. This is also my oldest site, and just looking at it fills me with nostalgia. It's gone through two (!!) revamps, and still needs a lot of work, but we're getting there! Since October 2007.
T Tachibana Makoto Easy Breezy
in-depth shrine & fanlisting gentle giant, best boyfriend, ½ of the duo
When I began watching Free!, I fell for Makoto immediately. He's caring, gentle, loves animals—and is just full of warmth! This shrine was created for Amassment's Dynamic Duos Challenge, and I'll never forget the slice of birthday pie I had after spending all night working on this site—right before the due date. You know. As you do. (Yes, the pie was delicious!) Since August 2016.
M Millennium Actress Run
pocket love letter & fanlisting hazy dreamscapes, an endless chase
Ever since I first saw it as a child, Millennium Actress has been one of my favorite films of all time. It left such an impression on me with its vivid art, unique music, and moving story. While creating a new layout, I decided to add some content—which was a bit more than I planned. It's not a comprehensive site by any means—it's really just a lot of gushing—but it's made with love. Since March 2015.
I don't maintain as many fanlistings as I used to, but the ones I still have are very dear to my heart. I even hope to expand some of them into shrines one day! All are listed at either The Fanlistings or Anime Fanlistings.   ✗ = in need of a new layout / major edits

Other Sites

I also play online TCGs from time to time; I love me some cute pixel goodies and chaotic Sunday nights! If you're feeling nostalgic or are in the mood to look at some old, awkward designs, there's also my layout archive.


My interests shift all the time—you know how it is! (Also, I'm super lazy...) There seems to be more uncertainty than certainty when it comes to future projects, but if you'd like to snoop, you're welcome to refer to my listography.
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