09 October 2018

Sorted under tcg logs.

TCG logs — After quite some time (years! 💦), the site finally received a new layout. Truthfully, I made a new layout long ago. I intended to put it up back when I uploaded the latest version of the domain; it was referenced in the blurb I wrote despite not actually being online. While I still love many elements of the design, overall, I didn’t think it would work well as an online TCG trade post layout. I’m still deciding on whether or not I should upload the unfinished version in the layout archive since there’s still a small possibility that I may use it for something else in the future. In any case, although this layout isn’t the original one I wanted to use, I think it still complements the domain nonetheless, haha.

That aside, I recently adopted a new fanlisting! The layout is already finished; I just need to set up the fanlisting portion. Soon!