Site history and the wherefores of my love for this character

he site started way back in the year 2007 and, after three years of information-adding, media-building, etc., Cast away is finally reborn with a new layout and content goodies to come. Seth is my first fanlisting dedicated to a game character, and I couldn't be happier. How I discovered Lost Odyssey and met Seth Balmore is its own story entirely, and luck certainly played a part in it all.

ur first Xbox 360 broke down my because my little brother kept playing it without consequence; eventually it overheated. We were going to get it fixed, but my dad knew that my older sister, Kim, and I were pretty unhappy about it (no more Oblivion IV and any other games!). When we heard that our dad was going to buy a Japanese Xbox 360, we went a bit ballistic. First, a big factor for this decision was my brother; he would be able to play his Japanese game. Second, the games we had already (including Oblivion IV!) would probably not even work on it (and it didn't).

Days later, when my dad came back with the 360 in tow, he found out about Lost Odyssey on the internet. Knowing that my sister and I enjoyed the Final Fantasy series, he recommended the game to us because the creator had been a part of Square Enix once. After looking at its official website and watching game reviews and trailers, we agreed to buy it. A week later, it finally arrived. I felt drawn to Seth's character immediately for her dynamic personality, but once finding out about her history and past, I became more attached.

Now, Seth Balmore has risen to be one of my favorite all-time fictional characters. Her personality remains optimistic even after all she went through. Just the way she and Set finally reunite was a rewarding experience and is one of my favorite scenes in the game. The relationship she shared with her son and Tolten is also probably my favorite in the game. There's just so much to her character that is both realistic and appreciable. Her need for freedom and the way she fought for it was something I admired and could relate to. Moreover, I was completely blown away at the end. It was definitely something that I was not expecting and was left speechless. I'll admit that, yes: I cried. The ending may have been inevitable, but it was touching in the way that it happened and the reasons for why it happened.

Amazing character, amazing game. That is really all there is to it.


Why 'Cast away'?

hy have the title be Cast away? The title is form the movie of the same name in which a man finds himself alone on an island after his airplane crashes. Much like the character, Seth is lost. Moreover, the movie had to do with the ocean which is where Seth finds her freedom.


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