The sea, the sea, the sea; it rolled and rolled and called to me

This entire website was coded and written 10+ years ago, and, thus, is in need of a dire rewrite! Please excuse the awkward mess.

elcome to Cast away, a fanlisting and in-depth tribute to Seth Balmore from the epic Xbox 360 video game, Lost Odyssey. This fanlisting is listed at The Fanlistings under the category Games (Characters).

Please be aware that there are unmarked spoilers on this site. It is advised that you tread with caution if you have not yet finished the game and do not wish for the ending to be ruined for you.

You are now viewing Version II, the prologue to the soon revampment of the tribute. Current information pages are now inaccessible as I work behind the scenes to edit them. Navigate using the roman numerals and the links on the bottom to return home. (i) is basic information about Seth, (ii) goes in-depth with her character, (iii) are media goodies, (iv) is the fanlisting, and (v) is website information. This layout is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox 3+.
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