It's a bit difficult for me to pinpoint why exactly I love Kokoro Kikai so much. Was it the fact that I watched "Angels in America" before reading it? Maybe, but there is no doubt that I do love this two-shot. The art is gorgeous and the story is so beautifully written. The main characters are not given much of a script because of the short story, but there just seems to be so much depth behind each gesture, each smile that they share. In some ways, I liked how they lacked complexity; it just shows how normal and realistic they are, and that's what made this manga so appealing to me. It felt so real, like the events were happening just around the corner.

And so I decided to start this fanlisting. It was approved, built, and unveiled on May 15th of 2009.


I played around with many titles for awhile. I was aware that the old fanlisting of Kokoro Kikai carried the same name, but I felt that this was the best title suited for this manga. The emptiness they felt in their own life is what really brought Shinobu and Nishino together. The bond they create is able to fill in the missing gaps and at the end they attain happiness or, if not, at least peace and contentment.