Kokoro Kikai

Kokoro Kikai (Parts of a Heart) is a two-shot by Yumeka Sumomo (also known as Mizu Sahara or Sasshi), detailing the story of Shinobu and Nishino, two high school students who are both dissatisfied with their mundane lives.

The first chapter, "Kokoro Kikai" ("Parts of a Heart") is told from Shinobu's point of view and is an establishment of the steady friendship he has with Nishino. The second chapter, "Amaya no Hoshibito" ("Rainy Night Descender") is also told by Shinobu, but this time initiates a deeper bond between the two characters.

Yumeka Sumomo

Yumeka Sumomo (also known as Mizu Sahara, Sasshi, et al) both wrote and drew Kokoro Kikai. Her art is not only admirable in the sense of its beauty, but also because of the tenderness that is displayed between the characters in her work. The individuals of her stories are genuine and realistic—so true that one begins to wonder if the same story is happening down the street. Yumeka Sumomo is not her real name but, none the less, her works continue to be respected among readers.

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