Main Characters


"I am an empty person."
A high school student, Shinobu works part-time at a karaoke place two times a week. He is unsatisfied with life because he sees it as the same thing everyday. Compared to Nishino, Shinobu is a bit more childish in personality, but shows that he has heart. Although he is not one to hide his feelings, he does have a strict sense of following the norm.


"I don't know... But I just felt like I could be something else."
Nishino works at the same karaoke place as Shinobu. He is more a loner than Shinobu, and seems to be indifferent to what others think of him. There are rumors about his past relationship with a girl that ended bitterly, and it is suggested that he also had suicidal tendencies. Either way, he has engaged in self-harm in the past, and his left wrist still bears the scars as evidence.

Nishino also hates the rain, but at the end of the second chapter, he ventures out into it for the first time with Shinobu by his side.

Side Characters


Izumi is an acquaintance of Shinobu's who works at the same karaoke place as him and Nishino. She says that she is thinking about her future and trying to "find the right guy." Shinobu mentions that she has made "four out of five guys cry." In response, Izumi says that she lacks the energy and time to care about others, but says that Shinobu probably wouldn't understand because he is in high school.