Below are all of the various directories, cliques and fanlistings I've joined! What can I say? I'm weak to cute pixels and the creative clubs of ages past. Plus, they're just a fun way to show what I love.


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Joined Fanlistings

Fanlistings without links no longer exist; they are ones I joined years ago, but decided to keep listed here. If they happen to be rebuilt or reopened, feel free to let me know.

Sometimes I'll make my own buttons, marked as "[*]"; they can all be viewed here as well. If you happen upon one of them—as either the fanlisting owner or as a fellow fan—feel free to add it to your existing codes as a donation or to use it yourself!

Showing listings under the [*] Codes - Buttons I made; feel free to use! category...

Bleach - Ichimaru GinD.N.Angel - Dark Mousy & Harada Riku [*]D.N.Angel - Harada Riku [*]Do As Infinity - For the futureDogs - Fuyumine NaotoDogs - Heine Rammsteiner [*]Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dorian PavusElves [*]Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [*]F.T. Island (Five Treasure Island)Fables [*]Final Fantasy X-2 OST [*]Final Fantasy X/X-2 - Tidus [*]Final Fantasy XIII - Oerba Dia Vanille & Oerba Yun Fang [*]Fire Emblem: Awakening - GaiusFirefliesFree! - Tachibana MakotoGothHachimitsu to Clover - Takemoto YuutaHaikyuu!! - Azumane AsahiHaikyuu!! [*]Hoodies [*]Kingdom Hearts - Naminé [*]Kokoro Kikai (Parts of a Heart)Lost OdysseyLost Odyssey - Seth BalmoreLothlórien [*]MacbethMillennium ActressMisfits - Nathan YoungMy Chemical Romance [*]Pocahontas [*]Pokémon - Duskull (Yomawaru)Shadow of the ColossusShingeki no Kyojin - YmirShoes: Flip-Flops/Thong Sandals [*]Slumdog Millionaire - Jamal MalikThe Book ThiefThe Legend of Zelda - Bunny Hood (items)The Legend of Zelda - ImpaThe Legend of Zelda series [*]The Lion King II: Simba's Pride - VitaniThe Lord of the Rings - Éowyn & Faramir [*]The Lord of the Rings - Éowyn [*]The Lord of the Rings - Boromir [*]The Lord of the Rings - Frodo Baggins [*]The Lord of the Rings - Gandalf [*]The Lord of the Rings - Haldir [*]The Lord of the Rings - LegolasWolf's Rain [*]Wong Kar-WaiYu Yu Hakusho - KuramaYuri!!! On Ice - Yuri On ICEYuri!!! On Ice [*]

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