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normally don't like to express love for a subject as it often leaves me scrambling for words, but I felt that Icarus was someone I could elaborate. Icarus has been on my mind and in my thoughts for as long as I can remember and he has always been one of my favorite characters of mythology. The story of his wings of wax and his fatal fall is a well-known, haunting tale.

What appeals to me the most is his character and his desire for freedom. Freedom can be represented in so many ways from person to person. For Icarus, it is the sky that is sovereignty—literally and metaphorically. Icarus never knew the thrill and exhilaration of being in the center of that blue yonder until he flew. If he had escaped in any other way, he would probably have been caught—maybe even killed. Even if he had managed to leave, he would never have known the pleasure of flight. Missed experiences can create an emptiness that one is not aware of. Although Icarus dies from his feat, that idea of grasping at knowledge and the unknown struck me the most.

While some say he dies of ignorance, I believe that it is curiosity that leads him to his fate. His love for freedom is what makes the story as tragic as it is. It is that he strove to fly to the sun that makes me admire him. Unafraid to try the impossible, ignoring the words of his father, Icarus was a son of an inventor indeed. The art he has inspired and the stories he has been referenced in are all amazing and never cease to let the imagination wander. The tale itself is one that I reflect on often, and his character even more so.



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