Below you will find comprehensive lists of all of FTISLAND's releases, concerts/tours and other activities.

While FTISLAND oftentimes performs and promotes as a group, you will notice that the members have also branched out into other fields of entertainment. Some act in dramas while others perform in musicals; some participate in reality TV show competitions while others go into modeling and the fashion industry. Although I don't delve too deeply into their work outside of their group promotions, they are nevertheless provided here in case you'd like to take a look yourselves!

This section is one that has slowly expanded over the years. At first, it only contained their discography! When I was revamping the site, however, I wanted to make it easier for visitors to experience their music without going through the drudgery of searching it up themselves. While I attempted to accomplish that in a different section, I wanted to try to do even more of that throughout the site, which lead to the addition of their videography. Soon after, ideas for other pages quickly followed, resulting in this section being what it is today!

Of course, that isn't to say these pages are complete in any way. I'm still working out the kinks and figuring out how to format everything, so many pages are still under construction. Updates can be followed here!

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