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Coming across FTISLAND was very, very accidental. One of my hobbies is PBP (post-by-post) roleplaying. The roleplay forum I wanted to join required a face claim, and so I began searching for a person who would match what my character was supposed to look like in real life. I sifted through countless icon posts and LiveJournal before finally finding someone that I felt best suited my character. The icon I stumbled across was one of Lee Hongki. At the time, however, I had no idea who he was and the icon post failed to provide it as well. I ended up having to look up all the subjects tagged in the journal post! Finally, I looked up FTISLAND on Wikipedia and, spotting the familiar face, went to the band's official website to match that face with a name. It... uh, actually took me a while! Back then, they all looked very similar to me. Of course, later, I did finally discover Hongki's name, as well as the names of all the other members!

Even after going through all that trouble to search for them, I didn't pause to listen to their music. Instead, I began to read a lot more about them and later decided to watch You're Beautiful, a drama Hongki was in. After hearing his version of "Still"/"As Ever" (you can listen to it here!), I began to listen to more of FTISLAND's songs, and I haven't turned back since. I've played tons of their songs over and over again. They just have this uncanny ability to carry a ton of emotion while also being super catchy. A great deal of their songs have some wonderful and beautiful lyrics as well, such as "Raining," "Letting You Go," "Distance" (this one particularly screams 5 Centimeters Per Second to me, ugh!) and "Wind."

They're probably one of the few bands I know of in which I enjoy nearly all of their songs. Whenever I want to listen to something cheerful, I flip to one of their more upbeat, pop rock songs. In moments when I need to just drown out the world, I turn to their heavy rock songs. When I'm in the mood to have my heart ripped out, I go to their rock ballads—the genre they are, perhaps, most renown for. I've grown to love both Hongki's and Jaejin's voices, as well as the voices of the other members when they do sing! All five members are incredibly talented with great personalities, and are able to capture the crowd with their own charms and talents.

Finally, FTISLAND is the group that first introduced me to Korean music in general. Their songs were the ones I sang the very first time I ever tried karaoke back in high school, haha. Although I listen to many other Korean artists and genres now, FTISLAND is—and remains—probably the most special to me for this reason. When people ask me about my favorite bands, FTISLAND is one of the first that come to mind!

The fanlisting was approved on March 4, 2010, and I'm extremely happy to have it under my wing. Many thanks go to Melody and Helena for the approval!


When I first opened the site in 2010, I decided to call it Run to the world. The name was inspired by the lyrics of one of FTISLAND’s older sings, “I Think I Saw Love”: I’m running to the world barefoot. I thought it was quite fitting—and still do—as I feel that all of the members are cheerful and free-spirited, which translates well into their music.

In 2016, during “Take Me Now” and Where's the truth?, I knew I wanted to do something special for the site in honor of the band’s upcoming 10th anniversary. Renaming it, however, wasn’t something that crossed my mind until a year later—when I heard “Wind,” listened to their new album and began following their promotions.

There’s a lot about their title track, “Wind,” that I love, but what makes it incredibly special is how well it demonstrates the band’s transformation. Much like the FTISLAND of 2007, the song starts off as a ballad, all piano and longing verses... only to pick up in the middle before switching to a more heavy rock sound, one that is more illustrative of their work today. Together, these elements—ballad and rock—propel the song to an overwhelming and emotional finish. “Wind” immediately became one of my favorite songs—period—as soon as I heard it. There is just so much raw emotion in it that I couldn’t help but be swept away.

Needless to say, I grew attached to “Wind,” and I found myself wanting to incorporate it into a possible new name for the site. However, “Wind” sounded quite aimless and bland on its own. After taking another look at their comeback schedule announcement, however, “New Wind” caught my eye... and I knew that it was the name that I wanted.

One cannot deny how much FTISLAND’s sound has evolved over the years, especially as the members are now actively involved in writing, composing and producing their own songs. New wind speaks to the new chapter they have made for themselves. As they’ve emphasized in many of their interviews, the music they create now is their own. It isn’t something the company makes them perform. Although their sound is new and different from what it used to be, it is nevertheless wonderful and, perhaps most importantly, uniquely theirs. Just as the wind itself has no definite shape or form, I’m sure FTISLAND will only continue to grow and experiment with their music in the future. As a fan, I’m excited to continue that journey with them.

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