Below are all of the MVs and PVs FTISLAND has released over the course of their career, arranged from newest to oldest. The following only contains their work as a group, including sub-units, solos and collaborations. Videos in which they make guest appearances can be found here instead.

Due to a variety of reasons (ie. multiple official YouTube channels, late uploads, etc.), some release dates are not provided. I've tried to be as accurate as possible, but there may be some mistakes. In addition, some soundtrack MVs are missing as I have yet to hunt them down. Hopefully they'll be added in the near future!

Many thanks goes to their videography on Wikipedia. Of course, if there are any errors, feel free to tell me!

Most of FTISLAND's videos are the standard rock band setup, with the members just standing, playing and doing their thing while looking beautiful. Of course, that doesn't mean that they don't toss in some melodrama every now and then!

Some of their earlier videos (2007-2008) tell a story which have the members acting. "Thunder" & "Only One Person" and "A Man's First Love Follows Him to the Grave" & "Only One Person" are connected to one another. "Until You Come Back" & "A Person Who's Closer To Tears" and "Heaven" & "Love Is..." also contain stories. Needless to say, they're all very over-dramatic and I can hardly bear to rewatch them because of secondhand embarrassment. I love FTISLAND, but... it's just... too much... Nowadays, the closest they probably get to dramatic storylines is in something like "Severely"!

Just as I've done on their discography, personal favorites are marked with a . A lot of my love for some MVs are rooted in aesthetics—gorgeous scenery, wonderful colors and so on. Of course, as you can probably tell from the selections, I also sometimes enjoy the cheesy, campy videos a lot, where they're just chilling in the studio, because they give me warm fuzzies.


"Wind" mv 06-07-2017
"Shadows" pv 03-29-2017


"JUST DO IT" pv 04-18-2016
"Take Me Now" mv 04-17-2016
"YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM" pv 03-18-2016


"INSENSIBLE" Lee Hongki mv 11-17-2015
"PUPPY" (Korean ver.) mv 08-30-2015
"PUPPY" pv 08-16-2015
"Primavera" pv 04-17-2015
"PRAY" mv 03-23-2015
"To The Light" (Korean ver.) mv 03-17-2015


"FREEDOM" (Korean ver.) mv 10-02-2014
"To The Light" pv 09-30-2014
"BE FREE" pv 05-08-2014
"What I Wanted to Say" Lee Hongki soundtrack 04-11-2014
"Mitaiken Future" pv 03-16-2014
"beautiful" pv 01-15-2014


"MADLY" mv 11-18-2013
"MEMORY" mv 09-23-2013
"Orange Sky" pv 05-29-2013
"FREEDOM" pv 05-29-2013
"You Are My Life" pv 2013


"Polar Star" pv 12-04-2012
"I wish" mv 09-10-2012
"TOP SECRET" pv 08-16-2012
"STAY" pv 2012
"NEVERLAND" pv 2012
"Severely" mv 01-31-2012


"Distance" pv 2011
"Like Birds" mv 10-10-2011
"Let it go!" pv 2011
"Hello Hello" mv 05-24-2011
"Haruka" pv 2011


"So today..." pv 10-22-2010
"Love Love Love" mv 08-28-2010
"Treasure" pv 2010
"Brand-new days" pv 2010
"Flower Rock" pv 2010


"The One" pv 2009
"Raining" pv 2009
"I believe myself" pv 2009
"Love Letter" F.T. Triple mv 2009
"I Hope" mv 2009
"Missing U" mv 2009
"Bad Woman" mv 02-11-2009


"Heaven" mv 2008
"Heaven" & "Love Is..." mv 2008
"Girls Don't Know" (unreleased) mv 2008
"After Love" mv 2008
"Soyogi" pv 2008
"Friendship" pv 2008
"Tears Are Falling" (FTISLAND ver.) soundtrack 2008
"One Word" soundtrack 2008


"Until You Come Back" & "A Person Who's Closer To Tears" mv 2007
"I Think I Saw Love" soundtrack 2007
"A Man's First Love Follows Him to the Grave" & "Only One Person" mv 2007
"Thunder" & "Only One Person" mv 2007
"FT Island" mv 2007
"Love Sick" mv 06-07-2007
"I Am Happy" mv 2007