Originally, this portion of the site only contained favorite songs of mine—ones that I would rotate out every now and then. As I was creating FTISLAND's discography and videography, however, I discovered that there was a lot more that I wanted to say about certain releases. Although I hope to compile my thoughts in additional essays in the future, I thought it best to dump them all here for now!

Needless to say, this section is one of the more personal ones on the site, so expect lots of self-indulgent word vomit and excessive amounts of cheese.


Here are a few of my personal favorite songs by FTISLAND available for you to listen to. These MP3s are provided by myself, but please support the artists by purchasing the songs and albums yourselves. Aside from the music (which is great!), you'll also get other extra goodies, such as photocards, postcards and the like! You can buy their songs on iTunes and also purchase them, and other merchandise, via Amazon.

I've tried to focus primarily on their B-sides, for their title tracks can already be gleaned from their videography (with the accompanying video to boot!). For the curious, my favorite title tracks (that are not already listed below) are "Flower Rock", "Distance", "MADLY", "To The Light", "PRAY", "Take Me Now" and "Wind"!

"Out of Love"
from Where's the truth? (2016)

"Black Chocolate" (Korean ver.)
from I WILL (2015)

"Severely" (지독하게)
from Grown-Up (2012)

from Raining (2009)

"Still/As Ever" (여전히)
from You're Beautiful soundtrack, sung by Hongki (2009)

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