Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the albums, EPs and singles FTISLAND has released since their debut in 2007, arranged from newest to oldest. I have also compiled a list of soundtracks they have participated in; however, they are listed separately from the rest of their work and can be found at the bottom.* I do not list all of the songs included in the soundtrack; only the ones by FTISLAND are listed.

When it came to redoing this section of the site, I debated on whether or not to arrange their releases by year—as I had done originally. For a while, I toyed with the prospect of listing them by country of release. In the end, I decided to keep the original arrangement as I feel that it demonstrates their musical growth the best.

Many thanks goes to their discography on Wikipedia and Generasia. If there are any errors, please let me know!

Personal favorites are marked with a . I would be lying if I said I had listened to every single item on this list, but don't let the lack of marked favorites alarm you!

Being a fan, I do enjoy a ton of their work. Instead of labeling everything as a favorite, however, I tried to be a bit more picky. Some items are genuine favorites that I could play forever; some selections are not necessarily my favorites today, but were certainly ones at one point or another and, thus, carry some sentimental value to me. In addition, I've also marked my favorite tracks in each release.

If you'd like to hear some favorite songs of mine, feel free to listen to them here!

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Over 10 Years album 06-07-2017
UNITED SHADOWS album 04-12-2017


JUST DO IT single 08-17-2016
Where's the truth? album 07-18-2016
N.W.U album 04-06-2016


AM302 Lee Hongki album 12-09-2015
FM302 Lee Hongki ep 11-18-2015
PUPPY single 09-16-2015
5.....GO album 05-13-2015
I WILL album 03-23-2015
To The Light digital single 03-17-2015


To the Light single 10-15-2014
ALL ABOUT - FTIsland Japan Best compilation 10-08-2014
NEW PAGE album 05-28-2014
Mitaiken Future single 04-02-2014
Beautiful single 01-22-2014


THE MOOD ep 11-18-2013
THANKS TO ep 09-23-2013
THE SINGLES COLLECTION compilation 09-18-2013
Shiawase Theory single 07-24-2013
Shiawase Theory digital single 07-13-2013
RATED-FT album 06-05-2013
Orange Sky digital single 05-26-2013
FREEDOM digital single 05-26-2013
You Are My Life single 03-27-2013


Polar Star single 11-28-2012
FIVE TREASURE BOX album 09-10-2012
TOP SECRET single 08-08-2012
20[twenty] album 05-16-2012
NEVERLAND single 04-18-2012
Hit the Sands single 04-17-2012
Grown-Up ep 01-31-2012


Distance single 11-30-2011
MEMORY IN FTISLAND ep 10-10-2011
Best Recommendation For JAPAN — Our Favorite Korean Songs compilation 09-28-2011
Let it go! single 07-27-2011
Return ep 05-26-2011
FIVE TREASURE ISLAND album 05-18-2011
SATISFACTION single 04-20-2011


So today... single 11-17-2010
TWENTYth Urban digital single 10-20-2010
Beautiful Journey ep 08-26-2010
Brand-new days single 07-14-2010
Flower Rock single 05-19-2010
JAPAN SPECIAL ALBUM VOL.1 album 04-15-2010


So Long, Au Revoir album 12-16-2009
Double Date with F.T. Triple single 10-26-2009
Raining single 10-21-2009
One Date F.T. Triple digital single 10-13-2009
3집 Cross & Change album 07-16-2009
I believe myself single 04-22-2009
Jump Up ep 02-17-2009


The One album 12-17-2008
Colorful Sensibility (Part 2) album 10-17-2008
Colorful Sensibility album 08-27-2008
Prologue of FTISLAND -Soyogi- ep 06-07-2008
2008 Yeon Ga FTISLAND digital single 04-03-2008


The Refreshment (VOL 1.5) repackage 12-03-2007
Cheerful Sensibility album 06-07-2007


"Do or Die" Lee Hongki Modern Farmer 2014
"When Love Comes" (사랑이 올 때) (acoustic ver.) Lee Hongki Modern Farmer 2014
"Words I Have Yet To Say" (아직 하지 못한 말) Lee Hongki Bride of the Century 2014
"Goodbye" Lee Hongki Rockin' on Heaven's Door 2013
"Jump" Lee Hongki Rockin' on Heaven's Door 2013
"I'm Saying" The Heirs 2013
"NEVERLAND" Ozuma 2012
"Even If It's Not Necessary.." (꼭은 아니더라도..) Heatstrings 2011
"Itsuka" (いつか) Muscle Girl 2011
"Haruka" (ハルカ) Muscle Girl 2011
"Sad Promise" (슬픈 언약식) 2010
"Don't You Know" (모르시죠) Master of Study 2010
"Still" / "As Ever" (여전히) You're Beautiful 2009
"Descend From The Sky" Oh Wonbin & Miss $ You're Beautiful 2009
"Promise" (약속) Lee Hongki & Jung Yonghwa You're Beautiful 2009
"Tears Are Falling" (눈물이 흐른다) (FTISLAND ver.) Love Song 2008 2008
"One Word" (한가지 말) On Air 2008
"Lately I" (요즘 나는) Lee Hongki & Nam Gyuri Unstoppable Marriage 2007
"I Think I Saw Love" (사랑을 보았나봐) Insooni is Pretty 2007
"To My Friend" Lee Hongki Kkangsooni 2004