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current works

Below are the sites that are considered to be the domain's current priorities. They are all in different stages of completion or construction. Monochrome images are not currently linked, but should be in the near future!
Souls that are once lost cannot be reclaimed... Is that not the law of mortals?
And they shall fall
Shadow of the Colossus
If anyone comes at you with “hostile intent” and their fangs bared, you’ve got to cut unto them more deeply, sharply, and rip them to shreds!!
Cradle and Rupture
Fuyumine Naoto (Dogs)
I chose to start the swim club. But that was because I wanted to swim with you again. I wanted to swim in a relay with everyone again.
Easy Breezy
Tachibana Makoto (Free!)

Other Sites

I also play online TCGs from time to time; I love me some cute pixel goodies and chaotic Sunday nights! If you're feeling nostalgic or are in the mood to look at some old, awkward designs, there's also my layout archive.


My interests shift all the time—you know how it is! (Also, I'm super lazy...) There seems to be more uncertainty than certainty when it comes to future projects, but if you'd like to snoop, you're welcome to refer to my listography.